The term “lifestyle” refers to the way you lead your life and how you choose to express yourself. It can be used to describe upscale or even alternative ways of living. The word has many positive connotations and is often used in marketing.

For many people, “lifestyle” is also synonymous with their personal life dream, which they want to achieve. It is therefore a subject area that targets the deep-seated emotions of customers – and delicacy is always required when it comes to customers’ emotions. Many impulse buys, for example, are driven by emotions. Someone’s lifestyle is defined by their interests in leisure activities, art, culture, knowledge, experience, values and confidence.

Communicating emotions through native-speaking translators

The best way to convey emotions is by writing in a way that people understand. Native language plays a crucial role in this. The wishes and dreams you hope to awaken in your readers, and the social issues you want to address, will hit home much more effectively that way. What’s more, the clearer your message, the more likely it is to be shared.

With the help of a translated text, you can address a larger readership through both print and digital mediums. If  your audience can read your marketing materials, articles, websites and online shops in their own language, they will view the information as more serious and trustworthy. With lifestyle products, whether fashion, cosmetics & beauty, home décor, food supplements or other products, it’s all about creating or fulfilling a need. With a translation from intercontact, you can easily and clearly address your readers on an emotional level, thereby promoting the international marketing of your lifestyle products.

Our native-speaking linguists draw on many years of experience and are specialists in their respective fields and writing styles. Whether you need a newsletter, product descriptions, marketing copy, an article, online shop content or any other type of text, intercontact will always find the right copywriter, translator and editor for you.

We’ll help your lifestyle brand gain international clients and readers. So expand into new markets and grow your target audience beyond your borders today!


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