07 August 2019
Laptop and globe

Are you planning to launch one or more international online shops? Would you like to have the current content of your website translated into one or several languages, e.g. into Polish, Czech, English or Russian?

If you want to address the internationalisation of your online shop correctly, there are several things you should plan in advance. Read on to find out what you definitely need to consider in this process.

1. Think about every text, no matter how short

Alongside content, such as T&Cs, the Help section or the category names, there is a huge amount of other text which must be translated.

This also includes the descriptions of your products. It is these texts in particular which must optimally address your new target customers to awaken their interest and encourage them to make a purchase.

And then there are the texts in the newsletters and banners. You can use these to position your business and make people aware of your products.

Have you also thought about including additional keyword translations and translations for SEO and SEA in your order? Because this will help people find your website via search engines.

All of these texts must be translated for your foreign-language online shop.

Compile all of your texts – no matter how short they might be. Because nothing is more frustrating than finding out in hindsight that three words were overlooked which must now be sent off separately for translation.

Alongside the further costs which this translation will incur, it also takes time.

And time is a decisive factor in the launch of your international online shop.

A launch date, by which all texts must be completed, is usually determined directly at the beginning of the planning process. This can quickly become stressful.

How can you stick to deadlines – without compromising on translation quality?

After all, even with precisely calculated timetables, the quality of the translation must be up to scratch. A useful tip to ensure that you can meet even the tightest deadlines:

2. Work with a translation agency with experience in your field

If the translation agency has already produced translations for the online shops of other companies in your field, they can deal with different order volumes, and know which questions must be answered and what specifically must be considered.

Because the translators have already translated texts from your subject area, the translation will be easier for them and the formulations will sound more natural.

In turn, because of this, your customers in the respective target countries will feel they are being addressed more directly.

Get in contact with your translation agency as early as possible and discuss your terms of delivery. In doing so, your translation service can select the right professional translator for your job and plan the required capacity.

Many translation agencies also work with permanent in-house translators as well as with freelancers, meaning they can react flexibly to your jobs.

Added to the actual translation team are further translators who are available on demand and can step in if your deadline becomes tighter or even if additional text is added.

This ensures that you will receive your translation in time for your agreed delivery date and that the translators are not put under too much stress.

One thing in particular is important for the excellent quality of translations: allowing plenty of time.

Having a good team behind you is a fundamental component in the launch of your online shop.

This doesn’t just mean the project managers and translators from your translation agency, but also your e-commerce provider. Speaking of which, there is another element that is particularly important in helping the process run smoothly.

3. Support the cooperation between your translation agency and your e-commerce service provider

Why is this so important? Cooperation between your translation agency and e-commerce service provider is essential in ensuring the translation processes for your international online shops run smoothly.

Only when all sides are in agreement about certain points and know exactly what they are working on can they establish the optimum process for your company.

Perhaps your translation agency has already been working with your e-commerce provider for a longer period – if not, establish this contact yourself! Because this cooperation will ultimately benefit you and your online shop.

Implementing the necessary processes in the right way may initially require a lot of work. But fear not, the initial set-up of your online shop is the hardest part – everything will be easier after that.

Because once the process is up and running, posting new products will no longer be a problem. With careful planning and preparation, the different processes will blend seamlessly together – like cogs in a machine.

There is a lot to plan in advance

If you take note of these three tips, you will have already taken a large step towards to your goal. And the more thought that goes into planning in advance, the fewer problems will crop up afterwards.

So compile your texts for translation and contact your translation agency!

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