03 March 2021
You can register online from your laptop
You can register online from your laptop

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At a translation agency, identifying the most suitable language experts for a diverse range of translation assignments is part and parcel of the daily routine.

At intercontact, we always find the best person for the job thanks to our automated vendor assignment process.

We search our pool of freelance and permanent translators using ranking criteria such as their mother tongue, language combinations, specialist qualifications and fields of expertise.

Finding the best match is crucial for the quality of the translations and – accordingly – the satisfaction of our customers. Not surprisingly, this process is therefore very important to us and we are constantly working on ways to improve it even further.

In recent years, digital systems have been instrumental in achieving this goal. We have now reached the next level by introducing our Vendor Registration Manager. This is an online collaboration tool for job offers. This approach has also optimised our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100.

Best practice for allocating translation assignments

As we’ve established, the quality of a translation is directly dependent on a translator’s suitability for the assignment. The new Vendor Management System enables us to offer you even better service in three ways:

First: We obtain a better match between a customer’s requirements profile and the qualifications and aptitude of potential translators.

Second: We constantly expand our pool of freelance translators thanks to the straightforward and transparent application process.

Third: We work in compliance with DIN EN ISO 17100

Having a large pool of skilled translators is particularly advantageous when it comes to rare specialisations.

Good for freelance translators: all they need do is apply

Freelancers looking for work can now go to our website and register as translators, editors or copywriters in the intercontact BusinessManager. Once they have entered their e-mail address, they immediately receive a confirmation e-mail giving them access to the intercontact BusinessManager where they can register in our freelancer database.

We then record details of the applicants' previous education, qualifications, professional experience and specialist knowledge, as well as data required for organisational purposes such as contact details and account information.

This makes it easy for us to document and verify their training and knowledge using the documents they uploaded to their profile. They can also provide us with information about their specialist areas and which translation software they use. Applicants then select their respective language combinations from a drop-down list.

It's important to note that intercontact always allocates projects according to the translator's native language in order to ensure the highest quality.

A winning workflow for translation jobs

After the freelance translator, editor or copywriter has entered their details, all their data and information is clearly displayed as a list for them to confirm. Having done that, their registration is now complete.

NOnce we have checked and approved their profile, the freelancer is informed that their profile has been added and is now active in the intercontact BusinessManager. From that moment on, they can log in to the BusinessManager portal to view and update their profile, such as their contact details and availability.

Current and completed jobs are displayed in the personal dashboard and can be filtered by fields including time frame and job status.

The BusinessManager also contacts the freelancers when new projects become available. At this point, the individuals either confirm the assignment or let us know that they are unable to accept it due to limited capacity. The intercontact project manager then goes straight to the system, identifies the next suitable candidates and contacts them.

Translators deliver completed projects via the intercontact BusinessManager's delivery dialogue. The project manager is immediately alerted by e-mail and, having reviewed the translated documents, can download them and send them to our customer.

Once the translation has been delivered, the freelancer creates their invoice with one simple click and sends it directly to intercontact.

Less administrative work. Even better quality.

For freelancers, a major advantage of the intercontact BusinessManager is the reduction in administrative work surrounding the actual translation. The entire process – from accepting the order to invoicing – can now be completed in just a few clicks. Everything is transparent. Ongoing and completed jobs appear in the overview and users can communicate directly with the project managers at intercontact. As they are both looking at the same data, communication is easier and far more effective. This not only reduces the error rate, it also boosts job satisfaction, because the translators have more time for what they really enjoy: translating.

Administration is also greatly reduced on our side, which leads to shorter turnaround times. Far more important to us, however, is our increased ability to find the most suitable person for any given job. We choose from the best candidates in their respective fields and instantly have all the necessary information at our fingertips. For us, this process is a positive example of digitisation. Everybody is more relaxed and the results are even better!

Test the intercontact BusinessManager now

Are you a freelance translator looking for translation work? We invite you to register with us and join our database. – Please click here.

As a dynamically growing translation, copywriting and editing agency, we regularly place large volumes of orders with freelance translators, editors and copywriters.

You’re not a freelancer but you need good translations and text for your company? If so, instead of working directly with our BusinessManager, you will speak to your personal advisor at intercontact, who is already looking forward to meeting you:

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