29 November 2022
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Quality or quantity? Influencers ask themselves this question every day. Posting regularly on social media channels while simultaneously handling an increasing demand for qualitative content is part of daily business for content creators. Since the focus is often on image editing and generating ideas, the influencer industry often overlooks language. So, how can influencers ensure the quality of their copy in their fast-paced lives?

Self-employment as an influencer: What do you need to know?

Today, most people are aware of the job title “influencer” and use this term in their everyday language. Parts of the population may laugh at this industry, but are silenced as soon as they discover the numbers behind the digital faces. Self-employment as a blogger, influencer, or content creator can certainly have lucrative aspects.

The more reach, empathy and public attention there is, the more sponsors and contracts there are to be gained. And these sponsors increasingly include the influencers’ own fashion collections, merchandise and selected food products.

Successful social media marketing: Approachability and authenticity

Why are influencer products so popular? This question is easy to answer if you look at the recipe for success that prominent bloggers use to make a name for themselves. Organic growth, creativity, and consistent use of all the important social media platforms are the three cornerstones of a successful social media presence.

Today’s influencers understand that their followers want fewer filters and less perfection, preferring more “real life”, relatable everyday situations and light entertainment so they can scroll themselves out of the daily grind.

A successful content creator must be approachable and either play to a special niche or offer their viewers added value through tips, tricks and hacks from their own lives. Followers are addressed emotionally through unedited photos and relatable problems, making it easier for them to identify with the social media account's creator.


Digital friendships: Influencers and followers

Everyone likes to receive advice or recommendations from a good friend. Influencers and bloggers replicate this feeling through their approachability. The authenticity of a brand ambassador is proven to influence customers’ buying behaviours. If you scroll through the most popular blogs, it’s not just the trend towards more videos which is noticeable, but also how much more approachable bloggers have become.

Content creators are increasingly commenting on social and political issues and making waves on the social web with their opinions. In most cases, famous brand ambassadors are valued for their opinions and admired for their work in problem areas. Through daily contact and sharing their private lives, influencers forge a friendship with their followers.

Community affiliation: Limited edition products and merchandising

Many social networks are successful on a global level. Through international networking, millions of users can be reached and won over. Influencer fanbases laugh, cry and feel with the creator who is sharing their life publicly. By selling limited edition designs and products, influencers can thank their followers for their loyalty and support. Merchandising and the artificial scarcity of products increases demand and offers online consumers a feeling of exclusivity and belonging.

Many bloggers have recognised this and launched their own online shops. However, along with their remarkable success, the young entrepreneurs are quickly faced with new tasks that require a totally different skill set. One example is that when creating and developing an online channel or shop, an influencer needs to use the right syntax and semantics to protect the quality of their content and personal brand. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: get someone else to do it!

Quality in image and text format

It’s important to remember that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. When it comes to digital content, you have to use the language that really speaks to your target audience and makes them come back for more.

Part of this aspect is the increasing importance to express yourself correctly and accurately. Any mistakes in your copy can appear careless and indifferent and the current cancel culture is only too happy to point out even the smallest errors. And that happens fast, with many social network users commenting and sharing posts at breakneck speeds.

As a marketing specialist, influencer or media designer, you spend a lot of time and dedication editing photos and videos, and you need to invest the same amount of time and dedication in your written content.

Correct language includes choosing appropriate wording, requires impeccable spelling and grammar, accurate punctuation and an understanding of the written word. (If you stopped reading that mid-sentence, then your passions probably lie elsewhere, like generating the ideas!)

If you don’t have these language skills in your wheelhouse – hire a professional. In fact, to achieve the most success, influencers should focus entirely on the creative design of their posts, while word-savvy linguists manage the accuracy of their written content.

The intercontact translation and copywriting agency can support you with content creation, SEO strategies and other ways to optimise your online board or shop. With the help of our native-speaking linguists and qualified language experts, every social media presence can be taken to new heights.

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