The beauty industry has grown enormously over the last few decades. These days, the term beauty doesn’t just cover the production of make-up and skincare products, but encompasses the whole A-Z, from applicators to zinc. The product possibilities are endless, with new items appearing every day.

In an age between self-care and body positivity, me-time and spa experiences, people can be quickly overwhelmed by all of the different products. This means that you and your beauty business need to stand out from the crowd. On the one hand, this can be achieved through the outstanding quality of your products, your attractive prices and your pre-existing marketing portfolio. As part of your marketing, however, you should also be expanding your international target group and addressing them in their respective native languages. Your customers should feel safe and secure when they’re on your website or visiting your online shops, especially when they’re browsing homoeopathic creams, inner beauty options, nutritional supplements, pain relief products and similar items. By using your customers’ native language, you can immediately provide them with a basic sense of trust.

Especially when it comes to health, well-being and beauty problems, your company should be careful with its wording. Your customers can quickly become unsettled as they look to you for the solution to their problem.

An online shop in their native language will stand out as being trustworthy and understandable. Not every potential customer has the extensive prior knowledge of a biologist or chemist. So it’s even more important that your product descriptions, ingredients, application instructions and your adverts can be easily and quickly understood by the consumer.

Whether your customers decide to purchase something depends on if they feel secure, which in turn is dependent upon their trust in you as an online shop operator. To foster this relationship of trust, the first place to start is by offering content in their native language.

Specialist beauty translations for international success

With the help of intercontact you can easily and efficiently order your specialist cosmetics & beauty translations. Our native-speaking linguists will ensure the comprehension and quality of your text with their specialist and holistic knowledge. Every language has its own essence, conventions and quirks. In addition to providing an accurate specialist translation, the language leads at intercontact will ensure that no misunderstandings can occur.


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