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Yes – (as you can probably tell by now) – we’re looking for freelancers! Good, qualified freelancers. And we are inviting you to become part of our language team at intercontact as a freelance translator, editor or copywriter.
intercontact translations is an agency for professional language services.
We assign translation, editing and text projects from a wide range of specialist areas to language experts all over the world, which could include you! We specialise primarily in fashion, lifestyle, e-commerce, law, marketing, industry and technology .
Most of our translations are from German into all languages of the world. However, we also translate all world languages into German.

  • Translators: Become a freelance translator at intercontact and receive job offers for content translation
  • Editors and proofreaders: Become a freelance copy editor at intercontact and support our team with professional proofreads
  • Copywriters: Become a freelance copywriter at intercontact and write creative content for social media, websites and blog posts Freelancers needed!

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