19 June 2018
SEO translation

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To ensure that your websites and products are found on international search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Seznam or Yahoo, your online content should also be optimised for other countries according to the principles of SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO content and SEO translations are the key to success for any international website.

How is SEO content written?

The right keywords increase the number of visitors that a website gets. Which search terms are used in search engines the most can be determined by keyword research. When writing and translating texts, the right frequency of keywords, i.e. a good keyword density, plays an important role, whereby the keywords must be well positioned and not repeated too often. Otherwise, search engines such as Google could interpret it as spam, jeopardising the findability of the website. So in this case, less is more. Utilising synonyms and combining keywords are also important features of good SEO content. SEO content is produced by copywriters who are able to directly relate to what a company is offering on the basis of keywords and reference material. Regardless of text type, be it product descriptions, content, web banners or promotions – texts with the right keywords will find their target audience.

How is SEO content translated?

When SEO content enters the multilingual translation process, our native translation teams thoroughly research the keywords used, find new ones and sort out those that are not relevant. For this, we work with translators with a very good feel for the language, knowledge of cultural peculiarities and expertise in keyword tools and country-specific search engines (such as Seznam for the Czech Republic). Search engine optimisation cannot be achieved using machine translation (for instance, using Google Translate). Automated SEO translations can NOT strategically select, use and position keywords, which leads to a significant loss of quality.

SEO translations as a basis for international success

A good search engine ranking is the basis of success for an international website. International online growth and SEO translations belong together. The close cooperation between copywriters and translators ensures that SEO content can be optimised and made outstandingly conducive to international success.

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