28 September 2018

International online shops require website content in their target markets’ languages.

Over the last 10 years, our customers’ online shops have grown consistently. We have developed accordingly, becoming translation specialists for international e-commerce with a particular focus on the fashion industry. We are proud of our in-house teams of professional native-speaking translators and our long-term partnerships with native-speaking freelancers. All of our translators are well-versed in the art of translating and localising product descriptions, newsletters and banner promotions into content that is fitting for their country. Every online customer wants to be able to shop in their own language. We believe the following points are fundamental for creating the best experience for international online shopping:

  1. Products that can be easily found via search engines, thanks to
  • SEO optimised international product descriptions
  • keyword translations that form appropriate search words for the target country
  • unique content written in each target country’s language
  1. International product descriptions that sell well due to
  • fitting translations for product names
  • perfectly adapted continuous text
  • sales-promoting adjectives
  • clear language that is customary for each country
  1. Newsletters that are adapted for the target markets via
  • appealing, country-specific language
  • direct salutations
  • localised headlines that lead to the landing page when clicked
  • consistent wording for key terms
  1. Effective international banner promotions with
  • country-specific translation/adaptation of headlines and subheadings
  • terminology chosen for the international target markets
  • consistent translation of banners and categories