Translating German to Norwegian


Norwegian is a mother tongue to 5 million people living in Norway – as you’d expect.

Like many other Nordic countries, Norway also loves a little online shopping. Whether it’s tickets for events, or booking telecommunications services or holidays: in comparison to the rest of Europe, Norway is far ahead.

If your company works in one of these industries, then a translation into Norwegian could be worth it for you. Still not convinced?

Here are a few facts about translation into Norwegian to help you make your decision:

  • Nearly half of the people living in Norway, 46%, bought tickets online in 2017. This puts Norway in third place in Europe.
  • Norway is also in the top three when it comes to the telecommunications sector: 25% of people in Norway booked telecommunications services online in the year 2016. It might not seem like much – but it is every one in four people!
  • The Norwegians also happily buy clothing and sports items online. In 2017, 46% bought fashion and sports products online.
  • There is also very little to distinguish Norwegians from their Nordic neighbours when it comes to booking trips and holiday lets: In 2017, 56% of Norwegian people booked a trip and/or holiday let online in the 12 month period investigated.

That doesn’t interest you because you don’t work in this sector? Think about this: if Norwegians like to order these products and services over the internet, then why not other things? So, conquer the Norwegian market with your company!