German–Danish translation

Danish is spoken by 5.3 million people as a native language and another 0.3 million as a second language. Danish is the official language of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


A translation into Danish may be interesting to you in the following circumstances, among others:

Your company is based in Northern Germany.
Due to geographic location, relationships with Denmark play an important role in Schleswig-Holstein, in particular. Accordingly, signs in Flensburg are in both German and Danish, for instance. So that your texts are understood, too, you should translate them into Danish.

Your company offers fashion and lifestyle products.
50% of people living in Denmark bought clothing and/or sport articles online in the year 2016. Almost no other European country has a higher percentage of online shoppers purchasing fashion and sport articles. If you also offer goods in these segments, you should seriously consider translating your content into Danish.

Your company works in the telecommunications field.
Telecommunications services are often bought online, particularly in Northern European countries. This is reflected by the fact that 34% of the Danish population bought telecommunications services online in 2016. Is your company involved in this branch? Then get involved!

Your company offers services in the travel industry.
The Danish also love booking travel and holiday accommodation online. 58% of the Danish population booked a trip or accommodation online in the year 2016. It would be a shame if your Danish-speaking customers had to rely on their foreign language skills before they can utilise your services. So a translation into Danish is a win-win!