German–English translation

The English language, related to German and Dutch on account of their mutual roots, originated in England before spreading across the whole of the British Isles and then to America, Australasia, Africa and India. Its international importance means that English is considered a world language.

Today, around 510 million people speak English as a first or second language. This makes English the language with the third largest number of people speaking it as a first or second language after Chinese and Hindu.

What’s more, many countries teach English as the first foreign language in schools. When taking into account the large number of native speakers as well as those speaking it as a second or foreign language, English is the most spoken language on the planet.

It is spoken as a first language in the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand – while it is spoken as a secondary language in over fifty countries and on all continents.

English is also the official language of most international organisations and, alongside German and French, one of the three most used working languages of the EU, used every day in communications between European institutions.

In English, differences in word use and spelling emerge between different regions where it is written and spoken. It is therefore important for the translation process to know in which region your text will later be published.