Translating German to Hungarian

Over 13.5 million people speak Hungarian. Most, around 9.5 million, live in Hungary. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and Vojvodina in Serbia and is a recognised minority language in many countries such as Croatia, Romania and Slovakia.

The people of Hungary are generally reticent when it comes to making purchases and bookings online. Nonetheless, a fifth or 20% of those who responded to the survey in 2017 said that they bought fashion and sports products online. Trips and holiday lets were booked by 16% and tickets were bought by 10% of the Hungarian population.

Why a translation into Hungarian is worthwhile in spite of this:

How much trust Hungarians place in online orders in the future is dependent on their experiences – thus when companies offer a satisfying online shopping experience, the number of Hungarians using the internet for shopping will definitely go up.

Currently, it wouldn’t be as beneficial to rely on online offers alone in Hungary, but instead, to keep an eye on the local market as before. A subsidiary there would be most effective at reaching the Hungarians and promises the most profits.

To get a foot into the Hungarian market from another country, knowledge of the language is essential. Rely on a Hungarian translator to translate your product and packaging texts for the Hungarian market.

Hungary’s main import partner is Germany, by the way, with 26.3% imported (in 2016), much more than Austria (6.4%) and China (6.3%).









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