German–Italian translation

Because Italian is a Romance language, it is related to languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romansh.

Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. Around 65 million people speak Italian as a native language.

For the fact that Italian is a relatively small language, it has influenced other languages a lot. Many languages have adopted Italian terms. In music, passages with different dynamics are denoted by Italian terms; for instance, a piece might start off piano and, after an exciting crescendo, finish with a forceful forte passage for the final bars.

And it is not only in music, but also in areas such as cooking and banking, that Italian expressions find international usage. You might hear an accountant in Germany speak of calculating the Saldo while pizza and pasta are among our favourite dishes in restaurants.


This is why you could profit from a translation into Italian:

In 2016, Italian was one of the 10 biggest import countries in the world. And, according to a study for 2015, Germany was in that year Italy’s most important import country, responsible for 15.4% of all imports

If you want to successfully export your goods or services to Italy, you should definitely translate your content into Italian. That will increase your chance of making sales.








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