Having website copy written: requirements for successful websites

Having good website copy is a must for anyone who is serious about the success of their website. Because on the internet, copy is the sole basis for being found by your target group.

This is down to the fact that search engines can only evaluate text – they are virtually blind to images. And when you think that search engines provide far more than 90% of the new visitors to most websites, the importance of Copywriting for website texts becomes apparent.

Having website copy created that optimally appeals to the target group and represents added value is a task for professional copywriters who are also trained in SEO. SEO is the acronym for search engine optimisation and a prerequisite for website texts that are well received. Copywriters who don't know anything about SEO are welcome to write any copy – just not website texts. ;-)

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Why SEO alone isn’t enough for good website texts

Some may be surprised: SEO alone is not enough for good online texts. Why? An author who only thinks of search engine optimisation when writing copy is then also writing for the search engine. And that’s not enough. Because the second – and much more important – target group of your website is your potential customers.

Website copy that is written with too much consideration for the needs of the search engine seems strange to the readers themselves. SEO must therefore always be in the back of the mind of the copywriter, but must not overly define their work.

Creating successful website copy: writing for the target group

When you as a client first come into contact with our copywriting agency, you will notice that we really value a substantial briefing.

The briefing is an opportunity for our authors to get to know your customers and your products and services. Only those who know exactly who they are writing for and what they are writing about can create website copy that accurately captures the mood of the target group and ignites the right spark with the right ideas.

After all, every website text is ultimately about one thing – be it conversions, orders, purchases, leads or newsletter subscriptions.

SEO specifically: what your online copywriter must be able to do

Search engine optimised and target group oriented website content starts with a keyword analysis for the respective language. In doing so, we can determine which search terms your target group uses.

On the basis of these search terms and your profile, the copywriter’s first task is to develop the concept of the website. In principle, this is a framework that defines the decisive key data of a website via the structure of the sub-pages, the internal links and the menu items.

After agreeing the concept with the client, we start to create the concrete unique content for the website. Unique means that your online copy only exist on your website – and nowhere else. This point is important if you want your site to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Unique content is a must

High-quality unique content is always listed higher than mass texts which can be found in a similar form on many websites. Although this is the case, many companies do not invest in the creation of copy. However, borrowing website copy from competitors is not a solution either. Apart from the fact that the result ultimately does not convey the unique selling points of each company, search engines also recognise the original templates used to create these texts due to their high similarity, and then devalue the pages “modelled” on these templates, even if changes were made.

Wherever SEO is important (and where isn’t it?) – there is no way around hiring a professional author to create unique online texts.

An online copywriter also knows the meaning of the correct search term density in the text. And of course, they will also write all HTML code, link texts, meta descriptions, titles and alt attributes at the same time, which are also important for SEO. These are the crucial details that help determine who snaps up the best spots in the organic, free Google ranking.

The trick to making savings on Google Ads

Something that’s good to know if you also use Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords): A high-quality website can significantly reduce the cost of a Google ads campaign. The reason is that Google also rates the landing page of an ad. Comparatively higher-quality landing pages ensure a higher placement at a considerably lower cost.

While you only invest once in creating website copy, the resulting savings on Google Ads are unlimited, month after month, as long as the campaign runs.

Website copy for the world

As a translation agency with an associated copywriting agency, we assist local companies and global brands with copywriting and translation for high-profile websites.

We employ experienced copywriters and authors as well as proficient linguists who provide professional translation and copywriting services for websites at home and abroad.

Important for your projects: in the localisation process, we conduct separate qualitative and quantitative keyword research for each country. On this basis, we not only write and translate all copy for your web pages, but we can also make suggestions for further relevant texts which could be added for the respective country – for example in relation to your blog or your company presentation.

No fear of technology

Working with online media always involves technology as well and much of this process becomes easier if your web copywriter knows how to deal with it.

Whether it’s XML/HTML exports, CMS plug-ins, an API connection, a glossary or your web design – we are prepared for your processes and set up tailor-made interfaces to our systems. This ensures that your website copy is written more efficiently and put online faster.

Some of the clients we have written online copy for

We accompany website launches and relaunches as well as website optimisations for Clients from top brands in the fashion & lifestyle, marketing, industry and e-commerce sectors with these types of texts:


  • Copy for international websites
  • Copy and category text for online shops
  • Product descriptions
  • Newsletters and follow-up autoresponders
  • SEO texts
  • Copy for landing pages
  • Content for microsites
  • Blog articles
  • FAQs
  • And much more


We’re happy to help

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