Have product descriptions written: for online shops that sell

In the case of very similar or even identical products, product descriptions are one of the very few decisive differentiating features for online shops.

A good product description not only conveys the facts and value of the product, but also the added value and uniqueness of a shop in the competitive environment and persuades potential customers to make a purchase.

In addition, the quality and uniqueness of the product description determine how high a website is listed in search engine results. This is all the more true when unique product descriptions comply with the rules of search engine optimisation (SEO).

That’s why having product descriptions written by professional copywriters is a good idea in e-commerce.


Our professionals create product descriptions from A to Z

Do you need product descriptions for a German-language online shop or are your product descriptions also used in other languages in your international shops? In either case, our authors and copywriters are perfectly prepared for your requirements.

Due to the close interlinking of our copywriting agency with our translation office, a systematic process is available to you which allows product descriptions to be published online at short notice – whether in one or in many languages.

Experienced copywriters and mother-tongue translators work hand in hand, supported by an innovative technology platform. This makes it possible to import information directly from your content management system, create and translate product descriptions based on sophisticated glossaries and then upload them on the website servers for the various countries.

This highly integrated process saves time and minimises potential sources of error that can occur when text is processed and forwarded manually.


We write good product descriptions from the point of view of potential customers

Many product descriptions are written from the point of view of a company employee. Accordingly, they completely fail to meet the expectations of the potential customer. Somehow it’s all there, but has far too much detail. On the other hand, the details that are really important for the potential customer are not discussed at all.

Good copywriters take the point of view of the potential users of a product and prepare content in such a way that the right arguments lead to a “must-have” feeling for a product and ultimately to conversion – i.e. to a purchase.

Ensuring the texts have the right tonality and the right sound must also be considered in the process. Writing for a young target group requires a different tone to writing for investors in the 50+ target group.

And the emotional tone of the piece must also be considered. Even in B-to-B transactions, emotions play a large role in many decisions, although the effect is strongest when it comes to private purchasing choices.


Good product descriptions are your best salesmen

The goal of a product description is to retain the browsing customer and transform them into a buying customer.

The first step is to convey trust, seriousness and credibility. And to present the design and the product texts as well as all supplementary copy in the web shop as one unit.

In the second stage, the product description must convey the information that is relevant for the target person and motivate them to take action – preferably to make a purchase. It is important to find the right balance in terms of length. Product descriptions that are too long may not be read. If the product text is too short, however, it may leave out important facts.

To make matters worse, depending on the type of product, what readers perceive as too long or too short a product text can vary completely. Nothing beats our authors’ experience of writing product descriptions for many different projects.

The structure of the product descriptions is also decisive for the power of persuasion. Developing a reader-friendly layout is not the solely down to the web designer here. Authors also have numerous means at their disposal to structure texts more attractively. For example with subheadings, paragraphs, highlights or numbered lists.

It is important to find the right balance between running text and different styles of presentation in order to find the ideal combination of the two.


SEO is a success factor

An invisible online shop will not sell many products. Visibility on the internet is therefore an important benchmark that must be taken into account when writing product descriptions.

“Good visibility” means that search engines place an online shop at the top of many search queries.

This presupposes that the shop can be found with certain search terms at all. The product descriptions must therefore be written based around the relevant keywords. These are determined in advance using a keyword analysis.

In addition, the quality of the content must be high enough to ensure positive user signals. These include a high reading rate, or even better, a high conversion rate. Nowadays, search engines can evaluate this kind of thing and give corresponding pages a better placement.


Product descriptions our customers have had written

Our clients come from the fields of fashion, lifestyle, pet supplies and B-to-C, among others. For them, we write and translate:


We’re happy to help

Are you planning on having product descriptions written? Talk to our experts, make use of our free advice and their knowledge, and let us calculate a fair offer and prices for you.