Having copy written: creating and optimising your text

Man writes text and holds book in the other hand

Good copy is the perfect salesman. It sells your products, your services and your ideas when you aren’t able to do it yourself.

No wonder that copy forms the basis of every communication strategy, even taking priority over pictures. Nothing is possible in marketing without copy and things aren’t much better if the content itself isn’t up to scratch.

Accordingly, as a translation agency, we take the subject so seriously that we have your copy and ours created by professional writers in our own copywriting agency.

Not only in German, but in many other languages too.

Not all copy is created equal

Anyone can write – it’s something we all learn at school. But not many people can write copy.

We are talking about the difference between texts that are barely worth reading and those that grab you without you noticing and succeed in planting completely new ideas in your head.

Creating desire, awakening wishes, delivering arguments and winning us over with charm – all attributes of copy that meets our high standards.

And you have the same expectations when you have copy written.

Think before you write

Good content should appear effortless. But getting to the point precisely and convincingly requires time.

Time that begins with a briefing. In the briefing, the client defines the task, describes the target groups and determines the goals of the content as well as its tonality. By tonality we mean the register, i.e. whether it is written in a very serious manner, for example, or in a more casual or deliberately youthful tone.

The briefing is equally important for the quality of the finished text because it is at this early stage that the decisive course for the end result is set.

But fear not, as an agency, we provide you with comprehensive advice. As part of this process, you will notice that our authors are experienced professionals who have created many texts for websites, product descriptions, printed material, press releases and much more. They know the typical challenges faced by our clients and are happy to share the extensive experience of our copywriting agency with you.

You will also appreciate that our authors are absolutely at home in their respective fields. Because as we all know, it’s no fun to have to explain the basics of your own business to a copywriter before they start.

Have good copy written in all languages

In marketing, a roll-out is often planned in several countries at the same time. Not only must the web pages be localised, but print materials must also be delivered to the printers in time and then delivered.

In these cases, it makes a difference that we as a translation agency with an associated copywriting agency can offer much more than a purely monolingual copywriter.

Our foreign-language copywriters are exclusively native speakers and write copy in English, French, Italian, Turkish or Polish among many other languages.

This is not just important in terms of language comprehension. Knowledge of the cultural characteristics of the respective target country is also decisive in determining whether a text is really well received by the target group.

Copy for every purpose

The copy we write is as varied as our clients themselves – from the fields of fashion, marketing, industry and e-commerce, among others, as well as from agencies.

Among other things, our customers have copy written for websites, SEO texts for landing pages, articles for customer magazines, concepts and long copy for image brochures or product descriptions for online shops.

The criteria for high-quality content are different for each communication channel.

It all depends on the objective. Copy for luxury products must convey the necessary exclusivity, while press releases must correspond to the reading habits and expectations of the journalists and editors. Copy for social media must combine credibility with a relaxed tone, whereas blog articles must work as “click bait” and direct traffic to the page, and marketing texts must convince and sell to the reader.

Product descriptions for online shops must above all be unique – they must not be found in the same form anywhere else, especially where the product itself is identical. For example, unique product texts make your fashion online shop stand out and distinguish it from your competitors’, thus ensuring that the customer buys from you and not someone else. The key search engine Google also attaches great importance to unique content and places websites and online shops with mediocre texts much lower in search rankings.

We have online copy written by online copywriters

When copy is written for websites and online shops, the search engine positioning of the site always plays a decisive role in its success. This is why we have online copy and product descriptions for online shops written exclusively by experienced web copywriters.

Compared to “normal” copywriters, online copywriters are characterised by the fact that they start by focussing on the search terms used by the target audience for their search on Google and other search engines.

These keywords must occur in the right frequency and in the right combinations within the copy if it is to have any hope of being found in search engines.

What complicates matters is that search engines today can also evaluate user signals. This means that if a text is not read and the visit to the page is quickly interrupted, a bad user signal is generated and the website is devalued by the search engine. Well-received texts, on the other hand, are placed higher.

Our online copywriters have mastered the art of using the right keywords in the right frequency while still writing texts that are enjoyable to read and entirely persuasive.

First class: having international online copy created

When it comes to writing for multilingual websites or online shops, a localisation process will also be involved. A special challenge is the search engine optimisation of the respective results. For example, a keyword analysis carried out in Germany does not always lead to results that can be translated word-for-word into other languages. The cultural backgrounds and behaviour of the respective internet users are simply too different for this.

In practice, this means that the correct keywords must be determined for each language version and integrated into the copy. Our international SEO copywriters and our SEO-trained translators are experienced specialists in this field.

To give your copy the final flourish

Most copy is processed in some way once it has been written. A graphic designer will insert it into a layout or a web designer will integrate it into a website.

This is opportunity enough for little errors to sneak in where you don’t expect and will barely be able to spot them. (Whereas your key customer will discover them instantly, of course...)

That’s why we carry out a subsequent proofread of the final result in the Copyediting stage to ensure your public image is faultless from a textual point of view.

Should you have copy written or simply do it yourself?

Despite our competitive prices for copywriting, some people weigh up whether writing their own copy might not the better option, especially in the case of start-ups or smaller companies.

What you must consider in this case is: since you know the subject of your business best, you can also write the copy for the marketing communication and the website yourself.

The big catch here, in addition to the time required, is so-called “operational blindness” and “parental pride”. Those who have developed or built their product, service or company themselves and know everything about it tend to go into far too much detail in their copy and to focus on points that are not relevant to the target group at all.

A good external author, on the other hand, will be able to familiarise themselves with the specialist subject matter very quickly – but only to the extent that makes sense for their work. From here, they will present the relevant facts in the copy in a way that best meets the needs of the target group.

The most striking difference: business owners who create their own copy usually write from the company’s perspective, with a strong focus on the performance of their business. This is an outdated marketing style that no longer works today.

Professional copywriters, on the other hand, reinterpret every fact to reflect the target group’s point of view. They write copy “through the eyes of the target audience” and find the words and arguments that awaken needs and generate sales.

Copy our customers have had written

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