Professional copyediting for layouts, print templates and online platforms

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Things tend to get hectic just before printing or publication – especially where foreign language versions are involved. Now is not the time to make a mistake!

Proofreading removes this risk and ensures faultless print-ready layouts, print templates and websites. We are also happy to provide an express service and ready-to-print service.

Proofreading in all formats

We carry out proofreading and copyediting in all the standard file formats and in all languages.

We correct Word texts directly in the document, using the track changes function where desired. We can also edit InDesign, PowerPoint and Excel documents directly in the file – or you can also send us a PDF.

We are also experienced in using the leading content management systems.

Copyediting on online platforms

When creating websites, complex online approval processes must often be considered, which we are happy to integrate in our copyediting process. In order to save time, we can then edit your texts directly in your content management system (CMS), workflow management system, webcentre, online tool or in the backend of your PIM system.

The benefit of this is that all of the team members involved in the approval process (specialist departments, international subsidiaries, marketing, design agencies, web agencies etc.) can add their changes at any time as part of the team collaboration, which we can then copyedit in an equally short time frame.