Certified quality for your translations

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Your translations are important to us. That’s why we strictly conform to the globally valid ISO 17100 standard for every translation. This is the international process standard for translation service providers, which replaced the ISO 15038 standard in 2015.

The ISO 17100 standard is an industry-wide set of regulations for translation services which serves to frame a set of standardised processes and quality measures.

The ISO 17100 standard also defines terms fundamental to translation management, creating a universally applicable vocabulary.

Customers, service providers and agencies can rely on a universal protocol on the basis of the ISO 17100 standard.

DIN EN ISO 17100 also defines and standardises IT security and infrastructure. The IT infrastructure at intercontact ensures that customer and project data can be edited safely and protected from misuse at all times.

This means intercontact customers can count on controlled processes, high-quality translations and maximum IT security.